Warchild’s Play

Look up into the sky today
There’s something missing
That cold, dark cloud not seen on the way
Has now arisen
Who could have thought
That it’d come to this?
A spit and a stare
In the eye of abyss
Look up into the sky today
There’s something missing

And these stone age, airbrushed sages
Try to charm you with their smiles
They tell you all they claim to know,
Keep the merchants satisfied
But now I look out on a different day
See three thousand faces all vanished without a trace
See their memories lining the bus stop displays
As a fire burns a field out in PA

The road not taken to anywhere
Where does it lead to?
Inflicted so many wounds today
I didn’t mean to
Oh, look at us now
It’s only begun
Another day down
Some more damage done
Take a good look inside today
There’s something missing

But to raise your head from the sidewalk
Is the hardest thing to do
You find that Oedipal eyesight
Is still staring back at you
But now I look out,
See my backyard is strange
And still I am told,
Pretend nothing has changed

So where do I go
With this burden bestowed
That I’ll carry away to my grave
Since now that I know
When a feeling is low
Doesn’t mean it should be washed away
But how do I know
Does the evidence show
If I’m a murderous beast or just a faceless prey?
For I can’t turn my back on sacrifices made
And I will crawl even if it takes up all my strength
For all our days are just a stone’s throw away

I am right in my outrage