Manic O’er My Mind

Rita, she sits on her lunch break
Watching the spoon turning brown
Living this cycle of network television thrills
A tourist in her hometown
Gone since the other day,
Now she don’t have much to say
‘Cause those words are a waste
The coroner draws the low blind
Now tell me if it’s plain to see that
She’s manic over her mind
(Manic o’er my mind)

Henry parlays all the landscape  
And flashes his guillotine smile
He closes the deal just in time for his ozone cocktail hour
It’s worth all the fallout exile
‘Cause it’s no concern today
Who gets killed or gets maimed
Just so long as he’s paid
The Hamptons won’t leave him behind
Now tell me is it just a symptom
Of manic over my mind
(Manic o’er my mind)

Don’t criticize my little perfect defects
When you’re not privy to the secrets of serious clowns
You’re still believing that those so called prefects
Make you a monarch of a covert and social renown
In your camouflage crown

Now we’re at home in our bedrooms
The weather just couldn't be kind
Funny, but I wasn't counting on sunshine this year
I’m manic over my mind
(Manic o’er my mind)